Litigation Avoidance

Although we enjoy the challenge of litigating a case well, we know that litigation can be extremely expensive. Moreover, litigation is rarely the most effective way to pursue your ultimate goals. To address this problem, our firm specializes in litigation avoidance—working with all parties to find a mutually acceptable solution before the case goes to trial.

Opposing parties have different goals, of course, but these goals are not always contradictory, even if they seem that way at the beginning. An experienced attorney can help resolve the matter relatively quickly (whereas a trial can stretch on for months or even years). Even better, this method often solves a dispute for significantly less money than litigation would cost.

Your specific needs and goals are our priorities. Whenever possible, we work to craft a solution that meets those needs in a practical way; sometimes, that means trying to avoid litigation. At the end of the day, it’s about your bottom line and your future. Litigation might cost more than you could recover, even if the case were decided in your favor—and meanwhile, it can distract from your company’s operations and growth.

We like to focus on the end game: a practical resolution that works for your situation and lets you get back to business.

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