Commercial and Residential Leases

A lease can provide a beneficial arrangement for both parties, as long as everyone remains happy—but if any trouble arises, it can become a very thorny problem. The law that governs leases, especially residential leases, is extremely technical. Additionally, the average litigation case has an incredibly short timeline; often, you only have 5 days from the date of service to respond.

Because of our experience in representing both landlords and tenants (in both residential and commercial leases), our office understands the ins and outs of lease litigation. We have advised clients on commercial lease assignments; successfully negotiated Agreements to Terminate Tenancy, in lieu of litigation, for landlords; successfully litigated to give tenants the extra time needed to leave the premises; and helped holders of title evict unknown tenants from premises that don’t have known leases.

Since this area of law is so technical, it is easy for California small businesses to fall afoul of the requirements. Specific notice requirements and deadlines must be respected by both sides. Consultation with an experienced attorney can prevent significant trouble down the road and help you plan for the months ahead. Call our office today to set up a consultation.

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