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Welcome to the Law Office of John Caleb Orcutt, a Sacramento law firm that prioritizes personal service, reliable communication, and prudent choices.

How I View Cases:
Long-Term Priorities and Workable Solutions

If you become my client, we will work together to develop a goal that is both practicable and satisfactory. Considering not only the case itself but also its long-term effects, we will seek a reasonable solution that concludes the situation and allows you to go on with your life.

We focus on redemptive solutions, not destructive battles.

In other words, at this law office, it’s not about winning at all costs; instead, it’s about balancing costs and benefits, based on your own priorities and your personal definition of success. We provide the legal expertise, advice, and management, but the purpose of our work is to serve you – to help you move in the direction you want to go.

How I View Clients:
Two-Way Communication and Trusted Guidance

Throughout each case, I want my client to feel respected, supported, and involved. When a client talks to me, I listen; when I respond, we discuss the situation. If you become my client, I will explain the available options and advise you as we select the best solution for your situation.

Even though I’m handling the actual work, I will keep you in the loop. My clients deserve clear and reliable communication. When a client calls me, I answer, if possible; when I cannot answer immediately, I strive to return the call within a business day. If you are my client, I am there for you— you can reach me whenever you have problems, concerns, or questions.

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CALL TODAY! 916-844-2234

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